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Get over my ex

Sexy Photo Get over my ex.

So you got dumped. Welcome to the party, pal. Suck it up and listen to me, or waste a few years suffering because you ignored me.

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The choice is yours. The mugs, the jewelry, the clothes, the toys, the whatever.

Getting over a relationship can...

Any art made for you, any knickknacks, any movies or games. Anything that reminds you of them needs to go into a box or bag immediately, if not straight into the trash. So listen to me on this one.

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The point is to remove them from your life, not continue to carry that shit around with you. I balled the entire time I did this, but I did it. Open up that contact name, block that number, then delete that shit.

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Go to your text messages. You need to focus on the fact that this person said they no longer wanted to date you. Do it fast, and do it now. You will not regret getting rid of that shit. There is nothing this asshole has to say that you need to hear.

Block every conceivable way for them to contact you. Make them earn that shit. But then I deleted the pictures off my phone. Set your posts on Facebook to specifically block them from seeing them. Unfollow them on Twitter and unfollow them on Instagram. ALSO unfollow mutual friends who you were never really that great of friends with anyway.

This move is critical to keeping the past in the past. Fuck the time and energy wasted on being anywhere Get over my ex them. I used to think the strong thing to do was to go to every event my ex and his new girl were at because I had a right to be there, too!

Relationship expert Shannon Tebb reveals...

All I did was hurt myself. Fuck your pride and embrace your emotional well-being. And it only gets better from here.

I let it destroy my 20s.

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I kept gifts, stalked social media, kept pictures up, reread letters, attended social gatherings with them and their new squeezes, cried myself to sleep and cried myself sick. Fuck them and fuck your excuses.

Getting over exes is nearly...

Do all of this shit and do it NOW. For the first time in my life I actually did this shit. I fucked it up in the beginning for sure.

I slipped up, I made mistakes, and you will, too. But ultimately I followed this advice, and one year later I am an infinitely more fabulous, secure, together, confident, successful, satisfied, self-aware and emotionally mature person.

That never would have happened had I refused to put my emotional well-being above all other things, which is my wont to do. Some persons interest in you does NOT define your worth as a human being. And if someone can walk away from you how good could their judgment be in the first place? The more Get over my ex concentrate on taking care of yourself the better your odds are of attracting someone who appreciates this new, true, authentic you.