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How to meet people in new york

xXx Galleries How to meet people in new york.
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I'm transiting through New York for a few nights on my way to the Caribbean. I've never traveled by myself before and it never occurred to me when I was booking the trip that I might be quite nervous about this. Just curious if anybody has thoughts or opinions on what a 23 year old girl in New York would want to do. Usually when I travel, I'm with a group and we try to meet as many people as possible, but I'm kind of the shy one in the group.

I haven't picked a hotel yet, so I don't know my neighborhood. Frankly, with such a short visit, I'd worry less about meeting people and more about what you want to see in the short time you're here. NYC is a very easy place to How to meet people in new york on your own with loads of single people living alone. If you book a How to meet people in new york like.

There are also loads of walking tours like. It's easy to go to the theater on your own in the evening or go to hear some live music. I'd just do what you want to do and not stress about meeting people. Grub With Us is a public dining club -- you sign up for a meal and meet up with other people there.

Note that some of the dinners are themed women-only, networking for young professionals, etc.

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Meetup is a big clearinghouse of different meetups; you might see if any that you are How to meet people in new york in are occurring during your visit:. To be honest I had such a huge list of things I wanted to do the luxury of travelling alone is you can be very selfish with your itinerary that I really wasn't fussed about meeting people. Most evenings I was too shattered from the day to go out properly so I'd just find a quiet bar to enjoy a glass of wine in.

You'll probably find, like I did that you'll meet people along the way without intentionally going out to do so. Most of my trips to New York have been solo. I don't really seek out to "meet" people, but you will have plenty of human interaction throughout the day just being out and about.

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I enjoy the flexibility of making my own plans and for just two days you will find plenty to do. Thanks for good replies. I agree 2 days is short time to be thinking of meeting people. When I travel overseas, meeting people is always the best experiences.

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But just a word of advice if your going on another trip it's not good to advertise you are on your own there are some very strange people out there in the world. I am going to New York City for a few days in Sept not sure what week depends on the weather its to hot in July, Aug.

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