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McCormick is my kind of traveller. She got the travel bug in college and has found a way to make a living out of her wanderlust.

I was born in Ohio but I was mostly raised in Florida. I was this gawky, ballet-dancing geek who never went in the sun. Were you a traveler growing up? I grew up with a giant map of the world and a subscription to National Geographic.

And that was my first foray into traveling independently. Then I stayed in Asia and backpacked around Megan mccormick bikini pics region for almost a year and then I moved to New York. I have an 8-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.

My daughter traveled with me when she was really little and I just kept doing the show. My husband is in television as well, so we would alternate jobs to keep traveling. Then Megan mccormick bikini pics two years ago, we alighted in Brooklyn and decided to put down roots here for a little while. The crew would move on after we finished taping but I would stay.

I was consistently away. Then I was in Argentina in for three years. Your resume might be even more of a mess than mine. I more or less backpacked most of the year until when my daughter was born, but I kept traveling for the first few years.

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Inwe went on vacation to Argentina for six weeks, but decided to stay. The whole time I was scheming to get out of there. The director said she had never received a collage before and gave me an audition. The first audition was great, but on the second one everything went wrong. We were wandering around Chinatown. A cat peed on me.

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I knocked over a fruit bin. I stumbled across a guy who was painting and he shouted at me like a crazy person and said I was stealing his soul. I should know that.

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He had some hard-to-get-to ones, which was very annoying. He did this great trip from Morocco to Mauritania, down to Nigeria. We used to shoot for nearly three and a half weeks.

But times have changed and budgets have changed. Travel has gotten easier. Now, depending on location, it might be two to three weeks.

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My daughter traveled with me until she was older. My husband would watch the kids while I was working but now he has a grown up job, so the kids stay here. Now that my daughter is in school the nomadic lifestyle is a little more challenging but I still go away every summer.

On the show, you stay in a mix of places. It depends on the location. Generally we try to find unique places to stay that are Megan mccormick bikini pics for most people. And those are usually the places that have the most character. A bed is a bed as long as there is nothing crawling in the mattress. I travel with a silk sleeping bag liner, just in case.

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But I did Megan mccormick bikini pics in a very strange, concrete hostel in the middle of nowhere in Inner Mongolia. The bathroom was outside and I went to find it in the middle of the night and I had to dodge two sheep and the bathroom was a hole in the ground over some pigs. There were pigs underneath; there were pigs!

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That was not a pleasant experience at all. I love cities, so I would check out Bogota and Cartagena. And from there, I would go to Santa Marta and then inland up into the mountains.

Sometimes we wait days for it to stop raining; other times, we work around it. Ian Wright was in Ireland recently and he said it rained 24 hours a day for days, but they just kept going though. I was in Myanmar for the show about three weeks ago. The people are so lovely.

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We were Megan mccormick bikini pics for Burmese New Year. They celebrate by shutting down the country for five days. They have a water festival, where they spray people with water or dump buckets of water on people. But we film from sun up to sun down. Have they ever asked you to wear something or do something that was a little too hokey? I would say the entire South-eastern United States program.

I think I wore more embarrassing outfits there than everywhere else but it Megan mccormick bikini pics fun. I was decked out in an antebellum gown walking down some stairs, a Civil War dress, and I was in a cotillion dress dancing with a year-old. We went to 25 different islands and met people from all walks of life.

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It wasright at the beginning of the economic downturn, and we explored the idea — what can make you happy besides all the things we think will make us happy. You did this with your kids? With my daughter, she was 4 at the time. We were at sea for about four months. The show was on the Discovery Channel in Asia and a few places in Megan mccormick bikini pics but it never found a home in the U.

But there are 11 episodes available online or you can buy the DVD. If someone is organizing an opportunity for me to travel and paying me a small amount of money, I will never, ever complain about that. Even the worst days, the day when they made a left instead of a right and we had to stay in the car in a desert for 14 hours, you still get funny stories.

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Do you have a family? What does that mean? And you take your family with you? I love Lebanon so much.

Megan Leah McCormick (born August...

What places do you recommend in Colombia? When you get bad weather do you wait it out or keep shooting? Do you consider your job a dream job? Visit the Globe Trekker Store. Download - After purchase you The Story of Tea Planet Food is a true taste of the Chinatown In the 21st century China's Be the first to know… Be the first to know Sign up for our free monthly eNews now, and receive exclusive updates on new releases, giveaways and VIP offers Sign up.

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A Conversation With Globe Trekker Presenter Megan mccormick bikini pics McCormick Trekker” so I can live vicariously through the adventures of travellers like Megan McCormick.

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