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Black cent planet

Porn Galleries Black cent planet.

If the Milky was does in fact have a black hole in the center, will the entire Milky Way eventually be drawn in, like vacuuming a sheet off of a bedor are certain parts too far away? Is there a big sphere of empty space around a black hole?

No, the popular picture of a black hole as a huge vacuum cleaner sucking in everything around it is inaccurate. Black holes, even the one at the center of our galaxy, are very small. Only if you get very close to a black hole's event Black cent planet does it start pulling everything in.

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So no, most of the galaxy will not eventually fall into the hole. Whether black holes have empty space around them or not depends on their environment.

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There may be objects or gas close enough to fall in, or there may not be. Many black holes have disks of infalling material around their equators. Dave was the founder of Ask an Astronomer.

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There he runs his own version of Ask the Astronomer. He also helps us out with the odd cosmology question.

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Will we get sucked into the black hole at the center of the Milky Way? This page was last updated June 27, Similar Questions that might Interest You What is happening just around the black hole in the center of the Milky Way?

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