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Elite dating site reviews

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They used to have the option to buy once month. Elite dating site reviews now force you into buying a 3 month membership. Stating that they reduce the 3 month option price so people have more money to spend on dates. This is forcing you to buy more than you want! They also force you into picking a religion, When I ask about an Atheist option. They informed me I would have better luck if I chose Agnostic.

Profiles are one or combination of the following: This website is NOT screening the matches they send to you.

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I was looking for a lesbian match and was being sent pictures of men looking for women and pictures of women who are looking for a man. I'm looking for a woman with some of education at a college level and receive matches of women with only a primary education level.

I can honestly say this site was a complete waste of my time and money. I specifically set height, religious preference, and education level in my search criteria.

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What does this clunker site do? Sends "daily match proposals" of men with limited education, who are shorter than I, and who list god in every description. This site is just awful. A waste of money and time. Sure, you'll get matches and views everyday but they do not in any way reflect any set preferences or compatibility. Spend every day scrolling through matches that are in other states and countries. Can not lock distance preference nor can it be less than 50 Elite dating site reviews.

If I delete over profiles and share " distance too far" quit sharing my profile with anyone outside of 30 miles! I can not wait until my subscription ends. I'm going to cancel the credit card so they don't have a chance of extending membership.

You go through a whole elaborate set of profile question on the preliminary which takes about 35 minutes so the computer can match you. They say you are approved when you get an email link to click on. Elite dating site reviews takes you to an option to retain what you have already done but that side of the option doesn't work so you are forced to go through the whole set up again. I am not religious so I said it wasn't important to me in my partner.

I get to the end of the questionnaire about 30 minutes later whole process over an hour and their brilliant computer programme suggested I would be better off on a religious dating site and made some suggestions for religions that I have no knowledge of or desire to join.

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It didn't seem to matter to 'it' that 'it' suggested both Christian and Jewish faith. I figured I needed to go back to correct a mis-type, I find there is no way back and no contact button to let them know.

So then I look for reviews and find that in addition they have no members I don't know about you guys but I'm off to the Synagogue. Lol Oh by the way I clicked thank Elite dating site reviews to the one positive review on here by mistake too.

I'd like whoever paid you to write that review to deduct it. Thank you to the rest of you who have obviously suffered at Elite dating site reviews hands. Sharing your pain has done some good I used it nearly three year ago and dated a woman who I found out was still In love with her x It never worked so I let the site run out. I decided to give it another go just before chrismas after finding out they had no woman in my area that match me I let it run out only to find there was this auto renew added to the site which I never new was in there.

I rangemailed asking for a refund and complaining only to be told sorry but your tuff luck for not reading everything. I decided to do a little test to see how many people had read this change.

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I messaged 30 woman asking them to make sure to read the auto renew clause. I also emailed elite to change the way this is done maybe and email warning people that moneys are about to be taken from or accounts and was told they should read the contract. Do the maths they are ripping of people by the thousands of Elite dating site reviews because they missed reading one clause.

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You are suppose to be there to help us find a partner not rip us of fix it elite. PS I tried to right on my profile for people to check there auto renew and they refused to print it.