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Zodi extreme

Naked Galleries Zodi extreme.
The Zodi Extreme Self-Contained (SC)...

Simply place the Extreme Shower on a sturdy and stable two burner stove and in minutes you Zodi extreme a comfortable and refreshing hot shower. Enjoy privacy when showering, changing clothes and more.


Offers additional privacy when used in low-lying areas and protection from inclement weather conditions. Easily attaches to i.

The Self-Contained Extreme SC™ Hot...

Large Padded Gear Bag. Oversized and padded is ideal for storing and transporting all your outdoor gear. Small Padded Gear Bag.

Included shoulder strap for easy carrying and side pockets to hold small propane cylinders. Insulated padded design protects gear.

Simply place the Extreme tank with water on the Extreme Stove, turn Zodi extreme the propane and within minutes you can enjoy a hot shower. The Extreme Stove also can be used for cooking.

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