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That includes abandoning her beloved bone-straight weave and shaving all of her hair off. Our hair stories help shape our identities that have been plagued by Eurocentric beauty ideals, racism, and respectability politics.

I first big-chopped in the beginning ofafter the combination of a pixie cut and relaxer left me with brittle hair and a depleted bank account the financial upkeep of just trying to maintain my processed hair was no joke. Not to mention that natural hair lotions and potions are infinitely more expensive than standard hair products.

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I had just started digging my heels into the working world post-college, and that also influenced my decision to chemically beat my hair into submission.

I was scared as hell when I first made the decision to join the league of bold, bald Black women. The day it happened, I was at work and frustrated with my hair.

I'm here for pretty much...

I had new growth, and my hair was in desperate need of a touch-up. So after work that day, I enlisted a close friend for moral support and went to a barbershop.

I worried that I would look less feminine, worried that my edges would give me away, and worried what other people would think. But the reality is that shaving my head was something that I wanted to do for me. I did it with intention. It called to mind the way a public figure like Britney Spears was stigmatized when she cut her hair during a difficult moment in her life.

1. Omosoria Chiamaka Joy, 22,...

For Black women with buzz cuts, fades, and tapered curls, that first big chop is much more nuanced, and so are all the many reasons we cut our hair. Sometimes, it is simply a literal fresh start.

It can be a way to reclaim our hair narratives in a world that seems to no longer only put pin-straight hair on a pedestal but that still mostly props up light-skinned women with type-3 curls. Sometimes the big chop is a saving grace for Black women who have suffered various forms of hair loss like traction alopecia caused by wigs, weaves, and braids.

Especially considering the beauty ideals...

Ever since I cut my hair, other women have told me that they wish that they could do the same P. So, if anything, that Nappily Ever After trailer got one thing right: Our lives shift almost completely when we cut our hair.