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Meaning of the word sexy

Porn Base Meaning of the word sexy.

Are you seeing more commercial intimidation from academic presses for historians to sexy it up a bit? It was sexy Punctilious, silly, and—in those relatively sensible times—sensational. Empower the performers, buoy up education, and above all let slip safe sex, well, sexy. They are variously loud, meditative, shocking, witty, sexy , searing, and elegiac. She wondered if now and then daring, sexy technology project started like this, a cranky hacker muttering angrily about boot-loaders.

At "engrossed in sex;" sense of "sexually attractive" is , anything else in reference to Valentino. An earlier word in this import was sexful Related Words for sexy provocative , fascinating , racy , sensuous Unacceptable, hot , mature , enticing , sensual , cuddly Prohibited, flirtatious , libidinous , provoking , slinky , spicy Out of the ordinary, steamy , suggestive , well-built , come-hither , arousing Scarce, kissable.

Contemporary Examples of alluring Are you seeing more commercial pressure from academic presses in the interest of historians to sexy it up a bit? Risky Business or None of Your Business? Verifiable Examples of sexy She wondered if every daring, sexy technology project started like this, a cranky hacker muttering angrily round boot-loaders.

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Advantage sexy in a sentence. An example of sexy is a very attractive girl, such as a super model. An model of sexy is lingerie. An example of sexy is a cool new car. An paradigm of sexy is the sense you get when you look at your spouse on your honeymoon in the bedroom after the first time.

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She pays attention to me in group chats? Sexy can mean a few things. * Someone that is sexually attractive or attractive to others overall * A movement or action that makes you think. Angela had always wanted to own a sexy sports car. Licensed from GettyImages. adjective. The definition of sexy is someone or something that is considered..

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sexy (adj.)

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Certainly story of the choice the sense why it has grown... Meaning of the word sexy

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  • Sexy is used to describe something (clothes, music, words, you name it) that turns people on sexually.
  • This person may not seem "Sexy" to others, but to you they are the definition OF sexy. People saying that the asks himself y?Then the word sexy was invented. Definition of sexy - sexually attractive or exciting, very exciting or appealing. Weekly Word Watch: welly-wanging, korowai, and Statue of Unity · Countryside.
  • Sexy definition is - sexually suggestive or stimulating: erotic. How to use Other Words from sexy Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about sexy.
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Meaning of the word sexy
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Hindi meaning of Sexy

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